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Car-O-Liner CTR7 Resistance Spot Welder

12000 Amp Inverter Spot Welder - Unique, new generation welder gives perfect results each time - every time.

The CTR7 has a water cooled high pressure C-Yoke. The Inverter Spot Welder is designed for quality-minded body shops  to provide quality spot welds with all new high strength steels using cutting edge inverter technology. A wide range of accessories and sophisticated software with semi-automatic control features guarantees perfect welding results.

Solid, flexible and innovative mid-range spotwelder.

Reduce cycle times with new technology

The sharp, easy to read 7" colour screen makes it easy to navigate and set your parameters thereby reducing cycle times and increasing your productivity.

CTR7 also contains the latest technological platform that, in the future, will support internet technology and wireless communication.

Features and Benefits:
  • Innovative design with low centre of gravity for increased safety and easy handling.
  • Transformer gun technology - greater working range
  • Flexible, aluminium, telescopic support arm with integrated balancer (optional)
  • Powerful - with welding currents up to maximum of 12,000 Amps
  • Sharp, easy to navigate, 7" colour screen
  • Water-cooled - with a large 20 Litre tank
  • Weldlogger - Documentation and registration of welding data via PC and USB (optional)

Technical Specifications:
CTR7 Spot Welder  
Max. voltage 3 x 400V 50Hz
Max. power 75kVA
Fuse (delayed action): 16-32 A
Protection type IP21
Insulation class F
Compressed air supply: 8 bar (116 PSI)
Power Unit for Transformer Gun (10KHZ)
Output current: 0-200A
Output voltage: 560V
Cooling power: 1000W
Tank capacity: 20 Litre
Flow rate: 4.5 L/min
Dimensions (HxWxD):
without support arm
1130 x 650 x 930mm
Approx. weight:
(without support arm)
95 Kg
Technical data transformer C-Gun Connection Data
Primary voltage / Frequency: 560V/10 kHz
Primary power: (100% duty cycle) 20kVA
Protection type: IP21
Insulation class: F
Cooling type: Liquid cooled
Welding Circuit  
Welding amperage: 10,000 A (Current controlled)
Max. output amperage: 12,000 A
No-load voltage: 12.5 VDC
Mechanical Data  
Electrode force: 0 - 500daN
Weight, with 80mm yoke 11Kg
Cable length: 6m

CTR7 Includes the following Yokes:
CACTR1200 Car-O-Liner-Spot-Welder Y1
C-Tong 40mm throat depth,
CACTR1200 Car-O-Liner-Spot-Welder Y2
C-Tong 80mm throat depth,
CACTR1200 Car-O-Liner-Spot-Welder Y3
C-Tong 350mm throat depth,
CACTR1200 Car-O-Liner-Spot-Welder Y4
C-Tong 500mm throat depth,

If you require further information on the Car-O-Liner Resistance Spot Welder CTR7 or other Car-O-Liner Equipment either email us or call direct on (09) 525 1000 and ask to speak to Paul Wyatt or Gavin Wild.

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