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RUPES BigFoot Paint Correction App & Printable Sheets

RUPES is proud to announce the new BigFoot Paint Correction Web App. This innovative app is an amazing tool to assist in finding the best combination of RUPES tools, pads and compounds to achieve optimal result with the Rupes BigFoot Polishing System based on user-defined variables that include paint hardness and defect type.MORE INFO

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Professional Headlight Restoration

Has your vehicle failed a Warrant of Fitness due to hazy or discoloured headlights? Watch this step by step video and find out how easy it is to restore your headlights to new.

Dustless Sanding Smart Repair using Smirdex Net Abrasives

By combining the high performance RUPES Mobile Dustless Vacuum, with RUPES Skorpio Sander, with Smirdex Net Abrasives, we demonstrate a Smart Repair System that virtually eliminates all sanding dust, creating a healthier and more efficient work environment.

Farécla G3 Premium Tutorial

How to use G3 Premium Abrasive Compound with a G Mop 6" Yellow Compounding Foam and a G Mop 6" Finishing Foam.

Farécla G3 Paste Video Tutorial

Demonstrates Farécla's G3 Paste Compound in use by machine with a Farécla 6" Standard G Mop Compounding Head.