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Weldy Energy HT1600 D Hot Air Plastic Welding Kit

  • Digital temperature control from 40 - 620°C
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Robust brush motor
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Cooldown function
  • Memory settings
  • Dust protection
The Energy HT1600 D is a compact and robust hot-air hand tool with a powerful blower, digital temperature control and LCD display.

Thanks to integrated temperature probe control, this device is particularly suitable for reproducible and process-relevant applications. Main applications include plastic fabrication, flooring, car repair, joining pipes, welding PVC-floors.

Kit includes:
  • Energy HT1600 D Hot Air Welder
  • 5mm Tubular nozzle 130.632
  • 4mm Speed welding nozzle 146.740
  • Sturdy tool case for easy storage
  • Instruction manual

Technical Specifications:
Temperature 40°C - 620°C
Air Flow cfm 120 - 240 l/min
Power W 1600
Weight Kg 1.2


How To Weld Rigid Plastics:

Which materials can be welded?
Only Thermoplastics can be welded. You must weld like for like plastic to achieve a structurally sound bond.

  1. Prepare the weld surface. Ensure it is clean of dust and dirt so that you can achieve an unobstructed plastic-to-plastic bond. Notch out a “V” groove along the crack or join.
  2. “Tacking” the join or crack together helps to secure the material in place to ensure there is stability and no misalignment of the joins. Run the tip of a tacking nozzle or heated metal item along the join to create an initial bond.
  3. Using a speed welding nozzle or by free hand pendulum welding technique, introduce the plastic weld rod to the weld zone. Ensure equal levels of hot air are directed at the plastic weld rod and the weld surface to ensure they reach “plasticity” at the same time.
  4. When the surface plastic shows signs of slight wetting, move the welding nozzle along the groove while at the same time applying downward pressure on the weld rod to ensure a sound bond.

The below video shows the WELDY energy 1600 for welding PE, PP and PVC plastic sheets:
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