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Techspan Rion Digital Premium Automotive Hot Air Plastic Welding Kit

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  • Manufactured in Switzerland. High quality, robust tool. 
  • GS & CE test marks
  • Welding temperature is adjustable up to 650 C
  • Superior ceramic plug-in element provides superior performance and reliability.

Techspan hot air plastic welders are designed and engineered for the heaviest workloads, to withstand the most adverse environmental working conditions. The integrated motor is protected by a filter system, and welding temperature is electronically controlled and infinitely adjustable from 20 to 650 deg.C.  The easychange ‘plug-in ceramic heating elements use advanced materials for very long service life. 

All Techspan plastic welders and industrial hot air units feature electronic control for precise temperature regulation, infinitely adjustable up to 650 deg C. Air filter grid effectively eliminates gross contamination from the air stream. The ergonomic hand piece is comfortable to hold, and lends itself to mounting or clamping if required.  

The Techspan heavy duty hot air blower features electronic temperature control and advanced ’plug-in’ ceramic element technology. The unit is supplied with 3.4kW element. Temperature range is 20 - 650 deg C, with approx. 500 litre/minute airflow. The unit weighs 1.5kg including power cable. A range of optional nozzles are available. 

High quality stainless steel welding nozzles and accessories are available for all plastic welding applications, including fabrication, repair welding, overlap welding, floor welding, and hot plate welding.

TSLE6600070-PA Rion Digital Premium Automotive Kit includes:
  • LE6600070-PA Hot air tool type Techspan Rion ‘heavy duty’
  • LE100303 Standard Nozzle for Techspan tool – pendulum welding nozzle
  • LE106996 Tacking Nozzle – push fit on standard nozzle
  • LE106989 Speed Welding Nozzle 3mm Round
  • LE28F Rotary Burr bit
  • LEDVD Instructional Plastic Welding DVD
  • RTK Rod Test Kit – over  40 rods for ID of plastics
  • LEPLFIX Plastic Fix Text Book
  • Carry Case (metal case)
Temperature 20°C - 650°C
Air Flow cfm 250 l/min
Digital Display
Power cord length 3m
Power W 1600
Weight Kg 1.3

Video: Learn how to Plastic Weld: (Plastic Fabrication - Plastic Repairs)

Welding plastics is not rocket science, but you do need the right equipment and must follow a few basic steps. Surface preparation, V'ing, Tacking, then you are ready for the main welding. Use either the pendulum welding technique, or use our speed welding nozzles for long weld runs.

In this video: Plastic Welding with the Techspan RION
The hand gun for plastic welding of all different types of thermoplastic materials. Techspan Hot Air Tools can be fitted with a range of different accessory nozzle. Hot Air Hand tools are ideal for welding of roofing membranes, flooring, tarpaulins, plastic pipes and platic tanks, and much more. It is possible to weld the following materials - PVC, PP, PE, PA, PC, EVA, TPO, EPDM .. just to name a few - With Techspan hot air plastic welding is too easy !

What tool is being used? Techspan RION
The hand gun for plastic welding all different types of thermoplastic materials. Techspan Hot Air Tools are available with a full range of different kind of accessory nozzles, to meet a variety of applications. eg. Hot Air Hand tools for roofing, flooring, tarps, plastic pipes and plastic tanks, and so on.. Will weld PVC, PP, PE, PA, PC, EVA, TPO, EPDM and more..


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