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RUPES BigFoot LH 19E Professional Rotary Polisher Deluxe Kit

Featuring a high torque motor, compact design, premium ergonomics and a lightweight housing, the LH 19E is one of the most capable and maneuverable rotary polishers on the market. Its lightweight and powerful design makes it the ultimate rotary polishing solution for a variety of industries including automotive detailing, collision repair and refinishing, marine, and more.

RULH19EDLX Kit includes:
  • RUPES BigFoot Rotary polisher LH 19E
  • Tool bag 9.Z998/BF
  • Rotary Coarse Polishing Compound 250ml  9.BRCOARSE250
  • Rotary Fine Polishing Compound 250ml 9.BRFINE250
  • Rotary Ultra Fine Polishing Compound 250ml 9.BRULTRAFINE250
  • Rotary Coarse Foam 135mm Polishing Pads x 2, 9.BR150H
  • Rotary Fine Foam 135mm Polishing Pad, 9.BR150M
  • Rotary Ultra Fine Foam 135mm Polishing Pad, 9.BR150S
  • Microfibre cloths x 4  9.BF9010
  • BigFoot Detailing apron 9.Z868
  • Claw pad tool 9.BF7001
  • Backing pad 125mm M14  992.500
  • Loop handle 811.374
  • Side handle 81.322
Anti-Vibration Loop Handle
An innovative loop handle allows users to hold the polisher securely at different angles for precision and stability during the polishing process. The soft grip material and the special design
absorb and dissipate vibration to improve operator comfort as well as protect delicate surfaces from damage. The new loop handle is included standard with each tool.
Anti-Vibration Side Handle
A soft grip side handle reduces the vibration during the polishing operation and provides comfortable control of the polisher. Featuring a new design and the specialized materials to absorb and dissipate the vibration from the machine, the handle can be added to either side, depending on operator preference, and is included with the polisher DLX Kits.
9 Metres of Electrical Cord
The new heavy duty extra long 9m cord is gauged to deliver maximum power to the polisher for safe, efficient operation. The longer cord save you time, steps and hassles since the user doesn’t have to use additional extension cords when polishing around a car.
Electronic Speed Control Dial
An all new variable speed dial provides the ability to adjust speeds for specific applications. The dial features larger numbers, a click sensation to indicate speed changes, and is positioned for effortless adjustment during the polishing process.
Progressive Trigger
Adding an additional level of control, the LH19E includes a progressive trigger. This trigger acts as a throttle allowing the operator to control speeds within the dial range to deliver the exact desired speed and to adjust quickly as needed without interruption to the work process.
Watch Video:
The BigFoot family has now a brand new member: the new rotary polisher LH19E. It has been designed to remove even the deepest defects in the lower possible time.
Technical Specifications:
Backing Pad Size mm 125/150/165
Power W 1200
Speed Control
Weight Kg 2.2
Revs R.P.M 450-1700
Backing Pad Thread M14
Recommended Backing Pad:
Ø mm Interface Fitting Code
125mm Velcro 5/8" 982.500
150mm Velcro 5/8" 982.600
165mm Velcro 5/8" 982.650
125mm Velcro M14 992.500
150mm Velcro M14 992.600
165mm Velcro  M14 992.650
RUPES BigFoot Catalogue
Parts Diagram


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