BigFoot Foam Polishing & Finishing Pads

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World-class car polishers aren’t the only thing RUPES specialise in! Your polisher, compounds and polishes are only as good as the pads you’re using them with. This is especially true with the RUPES BigFoot Polishers because of the enormous stroke each tool makes. RUPES has spent a considerable amount of time developing foam pads that would not only work with the massive stroke of the Big Foot Polishers, but actually take advantage of it to deliver best results.
RUPES BigFoot Polishing and Finishing foam pads are available in 40mm, 70mm, 100mm, 150mm and 180mm variations.

RUPES BigFoot Pads Colour Chart:
Blue = Coarse Foam for Compounding / Cutting / Aggressive Polishing
UHS = Multi-purpose Foam for Moderate Polishing and Finishing
Green = Light Compounding / Light Cutting / Moderate Polishing
Yellow = Mild Polishing and Finishing / One Step
White = Fine Foam for Ultra Fine Finishing or Wax Application
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