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Renegade Rebel Voodoo X Iron Remover 24oz

Voodoo X is masterful at removing iron particles and industrial fallout from your vehicle’s paint and wheels. As this product dissolves iron particles, it will change to a dark purple color. This formula is acid-free & PH balanced. Iron Remover is frequently used by detailers' before using a clay bar to make it easier and faster.

How do I to use Rebel Voodoo X Iron Remover?
This product can be used while your vehicle is either wet or dry.

Step 1
Spray Rebel Voodoo X Iron Remover directly on your vehicle and wheels. Make sure to spray in and around the wheel, brakes and calipers to rid of all areas with buildup.
RENVX24 Renegade-Rebel-Voodoo-X-Iron-Remover-24ozP3

Step 2
Once the purple bleeding starts it means Rebel Voodoo X Iron Remover is working. Depending on the severity of the build-up you may have to agitate using a Microfiber Wash Mitt for the paint surface or a Wheel Brush for your rims and wheels.
RENVX24 Renegade-Rebel-Voodoo-X-Iron-Remover-24ozP4

Step 3
Rinse your vehicle and wheel thoroughly.
RENVX24 Renegade-Rebel-Voodoo-X-Iron-Remover-24ozP5

  • Use gloves.
  • Only spray on cool surfaces and do not use on vinyl, leather or moldings.
  • Do not use in direct sunlight.
  • Use VooDoo X in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not let it dry on the surface.
Clean your wheels with purple bleed Voodoo x

Safety Data Sheet

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