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Car-O-Liner CMI300 Pulse Mig Mag Welders

Advanced yet simple; Perfect for joining sheet metals and building up car bodies. 

The Car-O-Liner CMI300 Pulse is the welding machine for repairing cars and building up car bodies in professional workshops. It is used for all welding applications, including aluminum, steels, and MIG brazing (silicone bronze) for high strength steel. It is designed to meet the automobile manufacturer’s standards for joining processes in thin high-tensile steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Features & Benefits:
  • DOUBLE PULSE ensures precise control of the arc and minimises weld spatter
  • FOUR-ROLL WIRE SYSTEM for stable wire feeding
  • TACHO CONTROL of wire motor for ultra precise feeding
  • LED LIGHT in the wire console for easy change of wire and wire rolls in low-light environment
  • SOFT-KEY CONTROL PANEL with colour display and an intuitive icon-based menu
  • ARC ADJUST function for precision adjustment between soft and hard arc
  • LOG FOR STORAGE and display of welding data on an SD card, applicable for documentation of compliance with repair procedures*

Compact and fully digital welding machine

Easy switch over with DUO or TRIO
The CMI300 Pulse is available in three versions: SINGLE, DUO and TRIO. The DUO version has room for two 15kg wire coils, and the TRIO version for three 5kg wire coils, providing easy switch-over between operations without change of hose, wire, wire drive rolls and gas. The machine will automatically establish which torch/wire feed unit is active.

Mig Brazing
In addition to sheet metal welding, the CMI300 Pulse features MIG brazing with and without pulse of galvanised
steel plates.This function ensures maintenance of the materials in terms of corrosion and strength and reduces to a minimum post-treatment of distortion of plates and profiles. The result is cost-effective and efficient welding.

36 Pre-Set Programs
The CMI300 Pulse brings 36 pre-set programs. The programs meet the requirements for welding and brazing for example high-tensile steel and aluminium, which are used by the auto business.

Double Pulse for Welding and Brazing
CMI300 Pulse features double pulse – a function required by several OEMs.

Boost for all Mains Voltages
The CMI300 Pulse is available with a built-in Boost Converter (electronic auto transformer) for welding on all mono-phase and three-phase mains voltages from 208V to 440V (50/60 Hz).

IGC - For Optimal Shielding of Weld Pool
IGC (Intelligent Gas Control)* ensures optimal shielding of the weld pool and maintains the strength in the joint in the best way possible. The result is large-scale gas savings and a minimum of weld spatter. *IGC Available as an optional feature.

The ergonomic MIG-A Twist torch has a turnable swan neck for easy access to hard-do-reach locations.
MIG-A Twist is available in different lengths and with different swan necks. It is configurable with different control units for adjustment of welding current at the torch handle. The control unit is easy to exchange as required without the use of tools.

Ready for Auto Business

Technical Specifications:
Current range, A 15 - 300 15 - 300 15 - 300
Mains voltage +/÷ 15%, (50-60Hz) V 3x400 3x400 3x400
Minimum generator size, kVA 16 16 16
Duty cycle 100% /40°, A / V 200 / 100 / 24.0 200 / 100 / 24.0 200 / 100 / 24.0
Duty cycle 100% /40°, A / V 230 / 60 / 25.5 230 / 60 / 25.5 230 / 60 / 25.5
Duty cycle max. /40°, A / % / V 300 / 20 / 29.0 300 / 20 / 29.0 300 / 20 / 29.0
Duty cycle 100% /20°, A / V 250 / 100 / 26.5 250 / 100 / 26.5 250 / 100 / 26.5
Duty cycle max. /20°, A / % / V 300 / 60 / 29.0 300 / 60 / 29.0 300 / 60 / 29.0
Open circle voltage, V 50-60 50-60 50-60
Protection class
(for outdoor use)
IP 23S IP 23S IP 23S
Norm   IEC60974-1. IEC60974-5. IEC60974-10 Cl. A  
Dimensions (HxWxL) 838x443x1003mm 1104x597x1003mm 1104x597x1003mm
Weight kg 49 63 67
Car-O-Liner CMI Pulse Brochure

If you require further information on the Car-O-Liner CMI300 Pulse Mig Mag Welder or other Car-O-Liner Equipment either email us or call direct on (09) 525 1000 and ask to speak to Paul Wyatt or Gavin Wild.

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