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Menzerna Ultimate 4 Step Sampler Kit With Pads

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This is the NEW Menzerna Sampler Kit which features 3 stages of cutting and a super slick protection sealant, allowing you to experience the full range of Menzerna for a budget friendly price. Each Polish provides a different level of cut and gloss allowing you a wide spectrum from removing deeper swirls and heavy oxidisation to a final light swirl removal with a high gloss finish. This perfect ultimate kit includes a full range of foam pads for heavy cutting, medium cutting, finishing and protection stage, transforming scratchy paint surfaces into a a perfect show-car finish.

1 _ Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 Performance Compound (250ml) - MENHC250

This cutting compound has a high cut, it is the strongest in the Menzerna range and is designed for modern ceramic clear coated paints often found on BMW, Mercedes, VW and other Euro vehicles. Menzerna Heavy Cut 400 is made to remove 1500 grit sanding marks, deeper swirls and other moderate paint defects easily. 

2 – Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2400 (250ml) - MENMC250
This polish has a medium cut combined with a medium gloss factor, and is designed for modern ceramic clear coated paints. Made to remove 2500 grit sanding marks, swirls, light oxidisation and other minor paint defects easily.

3 – Menzerna Super Finish 3500 (250ml) - MENSF250
This finishing polish has a low cut combined with a high gloss finish, can be used as a light one-step process or to restore gloss after a cutting stage. Made to refine paint and eliminate very light swirls and light holograms, leaving behind a glossy finish ready for a premium wax or sealant.

4 - Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection (250ml) - MENPLL250
This long-term polymeric protective sealant will give your paintwork a deep wet high gloss finish that will compete against most carnauba waxes available in the market and offer up to 6 + months of protection for your vehicle. Can be applied by hand or machine.

5 - Menzerna Heavy Cut Foam Pad (150mm) MENFP150HC
Polishing pad for use with highly abrasive polishes. Removes scratches, sanding marks, and surface imperfections in combination with Menzerna Heavy Cut polishes. The unique structure of the polishing foam, with powerful abrasion, supports the effect of high-performance Menzerna polishes to deliver reliable and ultra fast results.

6 - Menzerna Medium Cut Foam Pad (150mm) MENFP150MC
Foam Pad for use with medium cut abrasive polishes. Removes slight scratches, holograms, and surface imperfections in combination with Menzerna Medium Cut polishes. The unique foam formulation delivers perfect cut and generates shine.

7 - Menzerna Soft Cut Foam Pad (150mm) MENFP150SC
Polishing pad for use with soft high-gloss polishes. Removes holograms and shadows – and prevents clouding – when used in combination with Menzerna Finish polishes. The specially configured polishing foam reliably enhances the performance of Menzerna Finishes. Guarantees brilliant deep shine and a perfect show-car finish.

8 - Menzerna Wax Foam Pad (150mm) MENFP150W
Polishing pad for use with automotive waxes and sealants. Enables the straightforward and even application of Menzerna sealing products. It therefore offers perfect and long-lasting protection for polished surfaces.

Please note: as with all polishes best results are achieved once the surface has been prepared correctly (washed / clayed etc). Areas should be clean, dry and cool – it is advisable to work undercover or in shade, with good lighting.



Heavy Cut

Menzerna abrasive polishes remove deep scratches, spray, and heavy signs of use reliably, quickly, and thoroughly. Also ideal after deep sanding.


Medium Cut

Menzerna Medium Cut Polishes for signs of use and moderate scratches. Fine abrasive polishes for scratch-free car paints with exceptional gloss.



Menzerna finishes are the perfect car polishes for slight scratches and smears. Absolutely hologram-free finish with an exclusive shine, even on black cars.



Menzerna sealants offer long-lasting protection. For a protected, noticeably smoother finish with perfect water-beading properties.



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