How To Clean and Maintain Applicator Pads

Regardless of the types of applicator pads you use, keeping your pads clean is imperative to ensure they are working as effectively as possible, without inflicting damage on the surface from embedded contaminants.

Over time, an applicator pad can become clogged or, in the case of wool, matted with old abrasive compounds. Using a Spurring Brush removes embedded and dried out compound and dirt particles from wool and foam applicator pads, refreshing the contact surface and restoring its ability to cut and polish as intended.

How to Clean and Applicator Pad

  1. Hold the polishing machine upside down
  2. Turn the polishing machine on at a low speed
  3. Place the bristles of the spurring brush in the centre of the pad
  4. Pull the spurring brush out, towards the outside edge of the pad
  5. Using a dedicated spurring brush is vastly preferable to e.g. a screwdriver which can easily damage the pads.
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