Servicing & Maintenance

Wyatt Machine Tools provides comprehensive  servicing and maintenance

All equipment is backed up by our qualified after sales service department which is dedicated to the maintenance and repair of our full range RUPES  (Sanders, Polishers, Dust Extraction) Car-O-Liner, Hydraulic Equipment , Welders etc. 

With dedicated technicians focused on only our tools you can be assured that any repair will be to the highest standard using only quality parts.

Whether you're having a few underlying problems, or you'd just like to book a general service to keep everything running smoothly, we're here to help.

Contact us on 09 525 1000 or email:

Can't bare to part with your old faithful RUPES sander?

Here's one we repaired the other week!

There's no better feeling than using the same powertool for 20+ years, and for some people, the thought of loosing their trusty RUPES powertool would be like loosing a limb.

Don't fear! We regularly get requests to repair and service a RUPES sander or powertool that the owners have had for decades. Unlike most tools on the market today, which have an intentionally limited lifespan, RUPES powertools have been engineered and built to last.  And the good news is often, it doesn't take much to get them back in action.

We can replace bearings, brushes, armatures, stators, rubbers, vacuum motors, filters, clips.

When sending tools in for repair it is important that you provide sufficient information to allow the technician to resolve your problem quickly and accurately. All tools should be supplied with: Contact Details – Name, Company Name, Address, Phone Number and email address

For Warranty claims – you must provide proof of purchase in the form of an invoice to validate the date of purchase.

If you have any questions about the servicing or repair of tools through Wyatt Machine Tools please contact us on 09 525 1000 or email us:

09 525 1000
  for expert advice
Fax 0800 11 90 10
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