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Check out our latest ‘how to’ guides and instructional videos for helpful tips and advice from the experts:

Latest Articles, Guides and Videos:

Guide to the range of Smirdex Abrasives
What is Your Weld Telling You
What to Look for in a Spot Welder
Farécla Complete Compounding and Finishing Solutions Guide for Automotive
Quick Reference Guide to Cut and Gloss Levels of Farecla Profile Products
Quick Reference Guide to Cut and Gloss Levels of Farecla G Mop Applicators
Farécla 'Ask an Expert' Questions and Answers
The Secret behind Fareclas' Fluid Dynamic Technology


Feature Guide:

Using RUPES Bigfoot System for Perfect Results Everytime

RUPES BigFoot® is the new random orbital polishing system designed to simplify the processing time of traditional methods while creating no holograms.

Compared to the traditional polishing system, which is divided in many phases (polishing and removing holograms), BigFoot® makes the working process easier with a significant reduction of time and complexity, turning out with excellent results in one step. This innovative system is a game changer in the car body shop field.

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VIDEO: RUPES BigFoot LHR21ES in Action


More Video Tutorials:

Professional Headlight Restoration

Has your vehicle failed a Warrant of Fitness due to hazy or discoloured headlights? Watch this step by step video and find out how easy it is to restore your headlights to new.


Dustless Sanding Smart Repair using Smirdex Net Abrasives 

By combining the high performance RUPES Mobile Dustless Vacuum, with RUPES Skorpio Sander, with Smirdex Net Abrasives, we demonstrate a Smart Repair System that virtually eliminates all sanding dust, creating a healthier and more efficient work environment.


Farécla G3 Premium Tutorial

How to use G3 Premium Abrasive Compound with a G Mop 6" Yellow Compounding Foam and a G Mop 6" Finishing Foam.

Farécla G3 Paste Video Tutorial

Demonstrates Farécla's G3 Paste Compound in use by machine with a Farécla 6" Standard G Mop Compounding Head.

Guides WaterlessCarWash

Waterless Car Washing Guides

Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash enables anyone to clean their car without a hose and bucket, saving up to 100 gallons of water per car wash (compared with traditional hose and bucket wash method). Plus, the spray-on method eliminates untreated runoff into the environment.
GuidefileMyths About Using a Waterless Car Washing
smallVideoHow to Perform A Waterless Car Wash
smallVideoWaterless Car Wash Demonstration

guide EcoTouch-Quick-WaxSave Elbow Grease For Something Else

Eco Touch Quick Wax provides effortless spray and wipe protection for your car's entire exterior surface. Enhanced with real carnauba and beeswax for maximum protection from the elements.

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guide degreaseEngine

Clean the Dirtiest Surfaces Successfully!

Grease, oils, dust and ingrained dirt are easily dealt with using Eco Touch All Purpose Cleaner. From plastic to metal and from car to home, All Purpose is a great all-around natural cleaner.
smallVideoDon't be Intimidated by Washing Your Cars Engine
GuidefileHow To Remove Tree Sap From Your Car
GuidefileHow To Clean Seat Belts

guide tips tyre shineAchieving the Best Tyre Shine

Tyre shines and dressings come in lots of different varieties today. While there are many great products on the market, not everyone uses them in the right manner. In this article we'll outline tips to follow in order to make your tyres look their best.
GuidefileTips for Achieving the Best Tyre Shine
smallVideoWheel Cleaner & Tyre Shine Demonstration
smallVideoAdjusting Tyre Shine Gloss

Guides EcoTouch logo
More Eco Touch Guides and Videos:

carpetcleanthumb The Best Way to Clean Car Floor Mats
Tough stains require even tougher cleaners. Watch as Eco Touch Carpet + Upholstery takes on spilled coffee in floor mats. Our powerful soy-based solvent makes quick work of the spill while leaving the surface fresh and clean.
guide carSeat The Safer Way to Clean Children's Car Seats
Your child's car seat can be one messy place. Crumbs, spills and stains can quickly accumulate if not cleaned regularly. So how do you go about tackling this section of your vehicle without releasing toxic fumes everywhere?
guide carInterior How to Detail Your Car's Interior
Let's face it, your car's interior can be one of the most neglected places in your vehicle. Proper interior car cleaning be broken down into two tasks: cleaning and conditioning....



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