Farécla have produced world-class surface compounding and finishing products for the Automotive and Marine and Industrial sectors for over 50 years. Continuing investment in research and development enables Farécla to provide products of recognized world-wide excellence, and provide products and systems that produce the best results in the most efficient manner, keep the process simple, and save the user time and money.

Farécla Surface Finishing Solutions Deliver Big Benefits:

Quality Assurance

Farécla scientists use only the best quality raw materials.  The formulations are manufactured under tight  control to deliver reliability and consistency from the first  drop to the last.

Labour Saving

The bespoke Engineered Abrasive Technology used in the formulations achieves a faster cut rate which delivers a final finish requiring less time and fewer steps.

Cost Saving

Farécla technology achieves a better result than competitors whilst using less product, improving productivity to deliver greater value to our customers.

Permanent Results

Farécla products deliver a superior and permanent high gloss finish avoiding the risk of drop back and the need for reworks.
Farecla Advanced G Mop 150mm Compounding Foam
NZ $27.00 NZ $23.00 Save NZ $4.00 excl GST
Farecla Standard G Mop 150mm Compounding Head
NZ $21.90 NZ $17.50 Save NZ $4.40 excl GST
150mm Compounding Head
NZ $15.00
Farecla G Mop 200mm Finishing Foam
NZ $16.00
200mm Waffle Polishing Pad
NZ $22.00
Out of Stock
200mm Waffle Cutting Pad
NZ $22.00
Farecla Advanced G Mop 150mm Back Plate
NZ $16.50
Out of Stock
Farecla 200mm Fast Track Velcro Back Plate
NZ $52.00 NZ $15.00 Save NZ $37.00 excl GST
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