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NZ $650.00

MWM Glue Multipads Set

A complete set of tools with the multi-tabs for serious dent lifting work. For those who want to go further with Glue Pulling.Tool case included. Made in Italy.

Kit includes:
  • Storage Case
  • Hot melt glue gun
  • 15 x Glue sticks
  • Glue scrape off spatula
  • Solvent spray for hot melt glue
  • Red multipads flat 321903
  • Blue multipads flat 321913
  • Grey multipads flat 321923
  • Yellow multipads cone shape 321933
  • Green multipads spherical shape 321943
  • Bolt for hook screw draw ring

Example of Useage

Preparation: Clean the surface carefully, removing oil and grease residue.
MWM31350 Step1

Bonding: Apply a small quantity of Hot Glue on the multipad.
MWM31350 Step2

Mounting Multipad on Plate: Fix the pads on the sheet surface.
MWM31350 Step3

Pull: Pull the sheet surface using MWM's pulling bar or sliding hammer
MWM31350 Step4

Multipads Detachment: Remove the multipads by using the MWM's special Glue Removal
MWM31350 Step5


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