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Farecla G3 Extra Abrasive Compound 1 Litre

Stage 1: Cut

Faster Results Save Time and Money!

G3 Extra Abrasive Compound is a high performance, water-based cutting compound which removes P1500 or finer sanding marks from Medium Solids paint systems.

FAG3E Features
This versatile product can be used with either wool or foam applicator pad, and provides a high cutting action with no or minimal swirls. For use by machine.

With Fluid Dynamic Technology®, a unique process by which 2-phase abrasive particles combine and interact with the superior emulsion to produce optimal performance.

This dry use and clean to use compound works for longer with less throw off and easy clean up with minimal splatter or dusting.

Surface Restorer - Restores oxidised paint work and dull surfaces.

OEM Suitable - Ideal for detailing original manufacturer paint work .

Contains no fillers, meaning no reappearance of sanding marks. Silicone free with low solvent and low VOC content for safer working.

  • Extra fast cutting action reduces overall polishing time 
  • Simple dry use formulation works for longer with less throw off
  • Permanent high gloss finish – no fillers, no reworks
  • Versatile product can be used with any pad – wool or foam
  • Silicone free
  • Up to 25% cheaper than the nearest competitor's product

Video Tutorial:
Demonstrates Farécla's G3 Extra Abrasive Compound in use by machine with a Farécla Double Sided Wool Compounding Pad.
Safety Data Sheet
Process Chart

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