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Farecla G3 Ultra Abrasive Compound 500g

This product has been replaced by Farecla G3 Premium Abrasive Compound.

Stage 1: Cut

G3 Ultra Abrasive Compound offers unbeatable speed of cut, ease of use and quality of finish on today's most advanced modern paint systems. G3 Ultra is the best choice for newer model vehicles using today's ultra high solid, scratch resistant and ceramic coatings.

FAG3U Features

Developed with Farécla's unique Fluid Dynamic Technology®.  emulsion system, the product permanently removes P1500 or finer sanding marks leaving a superior high gloss finish in just one step for the majority of jobs.

Suitable for machine application. Silicone free.

Also available in 1 Litre.

 arrow.jpg Fastest ever cutting action - Unbeatable speed to permanently remove P1500 or finer sanding marks quickly and easily.
 arrow.jpg Clean in use - Throw off is minimised with surface residue kept lubricated for easy wipe off.
 arrow.jpg Permanent gloss finish - Provides superb final finish shine in one step for the majority of jobs*. Scratches are permanently removed leaving a superior gloss finish.
 arrow.jpg Superior emulsion system - Increased lubrication allows compound to work for longer without drying out.
 arrow.jpg Silicone free, low VOC content and user safe - Water-based (non-petroleum) formulation is safe in contact with skin
 arrow.jpg Simple and easy to use - Forgiving performance makes excellent results achievable for operatives of all experience levels.

G3 Ultra is ideally applied using a Farécla G Mop Yellow Dry Use Compounding Foam (FAGMC612). The pad was engineered in tandem with the compound to provide a marked performance improvement versus other pads.

For best results, follow by polishing with G3 Fine Finishing Compound (FAG3F101) and a G Mop 150mm Finishing Foam (FAGMF601).

A wipe over with a Farécla Finishing Cloth will remove any remaining residue.

Downloads for FAG3U501:
safetyDataSheet.jpg fareclaBrochure.jpg
Safety Data Sheet (201KB) Product Brochure (484kB)

Video Tutorial:
How to compound using Farécla's G3 Ultra Abrasive Compound

The Science Behind Fluid Dynamic Technology®

Fluid Dynamic Technology

The abrasive particles used in Farecla G3 Ultra System were specially engineered to combine the cutting and polishing phases required for compounding, into one efficient, high performance process.

As the compounding process begins, these particles collide with the paint surface, cutting away at the ridges caused by sanding marks and other defects.

It’s at this stage that our superior emulsion system comes into play, optimizing the rate at which each particle breaks down, from the jagged rocks needed for the cutting phase, to smooth, marble-like spheres for polishing.


The speed at which the abrasives diminish is extremely important. Enough time is needed to ensure that the sanding marks are completely removed, yet the whole process must be complete in the fastest possible time, with no compromise in the final finish.

The experience and dedication of Farecla's product development chemists has lead to a unique interaction between the abrasive particles in our compounds and the emulsion system in which they are suspended. This is Fluid Dynamic Technology® and ultimately, the reason that our G3 Ultra System provides you with the finest finish in the fastest ever time.

Product Testimonial:

"It's almost too easy with G3 Ultra. Polishing is now a pleasure"
Norm Delaney, Goldsmith Panel & Paint

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