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RUPES BigFoot Nano with iBrid Short Neck Dual Action Polisher Deluxe Kit

Orbital movement, rotary movement, polishing, sanding, cleaning; all-in-one compact easy to use system.

The RUPES BigFoot Nano iBrid, is a compact and extremely light weight handheld multi-action tool that gives you unparalleled access to hard to reach areas. Orbital movement, rotary movement, polishing, sanding, cleaning, this all-in-one compact unit gives you an unparalleled amount of versatility and power for any job you throw at it.

What is iBrid?
Have you ever been burdened by the cables trailing behind and wished you had a battery pack? Well the iBrid technology has made that wish come true. iBrid can not only be used with a corded power supply, but with a battery as well! This dual powered machine comes with a “Plug & Play Power Supply” which allows it to act like any other corded tool, but it also comes with two Li-ION battery packs and a fast charge battery charger. 22-24 minutes is all you will need to charge the battery and each charge will run for up to 30 minutes on a single charge. The two battery packs allow you to use one in the tool, while charging the other. You will always have a battery charged and ready to switch out. LED indicators on the unit and the battery charger will keep you informed on how much power you have left in the battery pack you are using, and when your backup is charged and ready to go.

Multi-Action Movements
You’ll certainly be surprised by the new BigFoot Nano, a multi-action tool, operated effortlessly in just one hand. The RUPES BigFoot Nano iBrid allows the user to switch between rotary, 3mm random orbital, and 12mm random orbital actions in just seconds. This gives you an unparalleled amount of versatility and power for any job you throw at it. Heavy imperfections, light imperfections, swirls, it really does not matter, iBrid will remove these imperfections with ease! Additionally, a variety of brushes make detail cleaning easier than ever. Like all polishing systems in the BigFoot pedigree, careful attention has been paid to the user experience. You can expect ample torque and vibration free polishing.

This is an incredibly effective tool for headlights, spoilers, front bumpers, side mirrors, door handles, wheels, motorcycles etc. The RUPES BigFoot Nano iBrid will be an amazing addition to your detailing collection!

Interchangeable Accessories: Three Tools in One
Paired with the full range of foams, compounds, and accessories for virtually limitless applications.

Rotary Action:
Paint fast correction on edges and profiles with a 30mm backing pad. Cleaning and brushing with special accessories.
Dual Action 3mm:
Micro sanding and denibbing.
Ultra high gloss polishing with 30mm or 50mm backing pad.
dual-action ibrid
Dual Action 12mm:
Paint correction and high gloss polishing with 30mm or 50mm backing pad.

What’s in the Kit?
  • RUPES BigFoot Nano iBrid Short Neck Version HR81M
  • RUPES BigFoot Premium Nano Tool Case 9Z933BF
  • Charger 9HC120LT,
  • AC-DC Adaptor 9HP120LT
  • Rechargeable Power Pack x 2,  9HB120LT,
  • Rotary Functional Unit 562390
  • 3mm Orbit Connector 581390/C
  • 12mm Orbit Connector 58390/C
  • Velcro Foam Polishing Pad Coarse Ø 34/40mm 6 PCS, 9BF40H
  • Velcro Foam Polishing Pad Fine Ø 34/40mm 6 PCS, 9BF40M
  • Velcro Foam Polishing Pad Coarse Ø 54/70mm 4 PCS, 9BF70H
  • Velcro Foam Polishing Pad Fine Ø 54/70mm 4 PCS, 9BF70M
  • Microfibre Cloths 4PCS, 9BF9010/4
  • RUPES Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Compound150ml, 9BFKERAMIK150
  • RUPES Zephir Coarse Gel Compound 150ml, 9BFZEPHIR150
  • Horsehair Medium Cup Brush, 9BF3000
  • Nylon Hard Cup Brush, 9BF3030
  • Buffing Back Up Pad Ø 34mm, 995001
  • Buffing Back Up Pad Ø 50mm, 996001
  • Sanding Back Up Pad Ø 34mm, 997001
  • 35mm Adhesive Discs: P2000 10 PCS + P3000 10PCS, 945520/M

LESS steps, LESS time, LESS compound consumption and GREATER profits

Technical Specifications:

Voltage VDC 10.2 - 12
R.P.M 2000-5000
Battery Life ~30 min
Charging Time ~20 min
Electronic Speed Control
Overcurrent protection
Soft Start
LED Status Indicator
Dimensions mm 287x70x47
Weight g 470

Downloads for RUPES BigFoot Nano:
RUPES BigFoot Catalogue
RUPES Nano Brochure
RUPES BigFoot Polishers comes with a Full One Year NZ Warranty when used exclusively with genuine RUPES Bigfoot accessories.

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